18th of April 2017 08:47 AM Link
Experience the best steakhouse in the East Coast! Share this video by Dashboard Living and comment on their page for chance to win a gift certificate to CUT Steakhouse!
13th of April 2017 09:57 PM Link
We will be closed tomorrow for Good Friday, open for dinner on Saturday!
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13th of April 2017 09:41 AM Link
Great job Rohit! We hope Courvoisier Cognac picks your cocktail creations and you move on to the next round in Toronto! #talentedstaff
10th of April 2017 06:30 PM Link
Our delightful restaurant Shuck downstairs is prepping for a beautiful day tomorrow, complete with a full patio!
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8th of April 2017 08:56 PM Link
Congratulations to today's competitors in the Atlantic Canadian Top Sommelier Competition - we are proud to support the local chapters of Canadian Sommeliers! Tune in Monday morning on Global News for more coverage of this event! CAPS - Atlantic Chapter Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers
29th of March 2017 01:21 PM Link
We're featured this month for OpenTable's Diners’ Choice Awards with accolades for Best Service, Best Food and Best Overall among others! Check out what others have to say.....
21st of March 2017 12:50 PM Link
Wagyu perfection by Theresa. Experience the steak of a lifetime...
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14th of March 2017 11:35 AM Link
Congratulations to CUT Steakhouse for being awarded a four diamond award for the ninth year in a row! There's only 6 restaurants in Atlantic Canada to receive the award so we're in a very prestigious group. We'd like to recognize our management team and all our staff - we have an amazing team here and we couldn't do it without them. And big thanks to our customers, both new and old who have supported us for the past 9 years! AAA CAA Atlantic
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27th of February 2017 08:29 PM Link
We love to help with wine pairings and helping our guests find a new favourite wine!
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13th of February 2017 12:54 PM Link
We will unfortunately have to close this evening due to the storm, we have limited seats left for Valentine's Day tomorrow so please leave us a voicemail at 902-429-5120 and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
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11th of February 2017 01:10 PM Link
For the true steak lover (and lovers in general) - show the love this Valentine's Day
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10th of February 2017 06:48 PM Link
Take advantage that we have not one but two accredited Sommeliers at CUT this Valentine's Day and let them guide you to your new favourite wine paired with one of our sumptuous steaks....
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4th of February 2017 03:53 PM
We will be closed tomorrow. Please join us for dinner on Monday. We apologize for any inconvenience.
2nd of February 2017 09:39 PM Link
Valentine's Day is for (steak) lovers - give us a call to reserve!
1st of February 2017 06:38 PM Link
Last (but not least) in our lineup of exclusive wines we have this friendly and generous Rosso di Montepulciano.

A sangiovese blend perfect for almost any occasion. This one is 80% sangiovese and 20% merlot and it is perfect to be drunk as young and vibrant as it is now.
The fruit is red and plentiful, with a touch of violet and other flowers. The palate is young and vibrant with acidity, but with present tannins and a lovely long finish. This wine has only seen wood for 4 months, so it is light and fresh.

Drink this alone, or with a hearty dinner, or a light dinner..... no one is judging....
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31st of January 2017 06:30 PM Link
I would love to call this Trentangeli an excellent 'comfort wine'.

This gem comes to us from Puglia, in southern Italy. The grape blend is 70% aglianico, 20% cabernet and 10% syrah. As one would expect with this powerful blend, this wine is full of red berries, violets and sweet spices on the nose. The mouth is soft and round with a lovely long finish. The prominent nose of white pepper will have you certainly longing for a steak.....
The vintage was a bit colder than usual, so the wine expresses all its power and richness quite softly, making it perfect for a relaxed night.

Another staff favorite and an exclusive to us.
Come experience the wines any time! Tormaresca - Antinori - Vini Della Puglia
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30th of January 2017 06:20 PM Link
Talking about new obsessions, this Italian syrah is the perfect subject.
Here at Cut we love syrah in all it's forms, it is a wonderful complement to our cuisine. This is a new way of celebrating the grape.
This Syrah is softer and less juicy than its Australian counterparts, but it does not make it less desirable. The tannins are lush and decadent, with a mouthful of fruit that lasts until the very end. We found also some savory notes that were very pleasing and added to the complexity of this refined syrah. The wine also benefits from wonderful acidity that keeps the fruit fresh.... our mouths are watering already....

A must try, and another exclusive wine to us.
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29th of January 2017 03:14 PM Link
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28th of January 2017 01:00 PM Link
Another one of our exclusive wines, this rosso should be a familiar face. The Pian delle Vigne Brunello was a staple in our market for a while. We thought to give this wonderful rosso a chance!

Rosso di Montalcino is the "baby brother" of Brunello. Brunello di Montalcino is a very prestigious wine made from sangiovese grapes. Because of its prestige, it can only be produced in very excellent years.
In years when the grapes are not perfect enough, the smart Italian vignaiolos make Rosso - waste not want not!! An easy drinking, juicy and delightful young wine that can be found in any trattoria and cantina around.

We love rossos for their value and versatility, and this one is a great example why.
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27th of January 2017 10:49 AM Link
Another exclusive wine at Cut!

If you've never heard of the white wine Orvieto now is your chance! This orvieto is extremely well made and will please absolutely everyone from wine geeks to wine skeptics.

The blend of this particular orvieto is mostly grecchetto with some other favorites like pinot blanc and viognier. The resulting wine is weighty but not too rich, with wonderful fruit and very pleasing acidity.
A great departure from the trusted pinot grigio.
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