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Ocean Wise* Recommended by The Vancouver Aquarium as ocean-friendly 


dry aged 35 days

dry aged 30 days

master kobe, AA9 – hormone free

A Word about Dry Aged Beef

All beef needs to be aged, and there are two methods of aging. Most commonly used is wet aging, where the beef is vacuum sealed and aged in its own blood. The preferred method, dry aging, involves hanging the large cuts of beef in very strict temperature and humidity controlled conditions, so don’t try that at home! During this process the beef loses one percent of its weight in moisture loss for every day it is aged. Hence the variation in cost, depending on the aging time. The result, however, is worth the wait. Dry aged beef develops a highly concentrated and intense flavor, the mark of a great steak, and is only available at CUT.
  • RARE – Nicely seared on the outside, red, cool on the inside. Loose to the touch.
  • MEDIUM RARE – Red, warm center. Has a springy firmness to the touch.
  • MEDIUM – Hot, pink center. More firm to the touch than medium rare.
  • MEDIUM WELL – Cooked throughout. Firm to the touch. A slight hint of pink at the center.
  • WELL DONE – No pink left at center. Very firm to the touch.
  • All our steaks are prepared with house steak seasoning and finished under a 1500 degree broiler.
18% gratuity is added to all groups of eight or more.

General Manager/Sommelier – Melissa Carey