Meet the Staff


Melissa, General Manager of CUT Steakhouse and SHUCK Seafood + Raw Bar, has been with RCR Hospitality for over 16 years. Her interest in wine was peaked after a trip to Italy in 2010, inspiring her to become a Sommelier. She currently sits on the board of the Canadian Association of Professional Sommeliers, Atlantic Chapter and is a certified Italian Wine Specialist through the North American Sommelier Association. While her love of wine is obvious, she says what truly fulfills her is knowing her guests have had a uniquely memorable evening at CUT.


What describes the manager of SHUCK Seafood + Raw Bar? Why champagne of course, bubbly and paired best with oysters! And not just any champagne: this brunette Mexican is a proper pinot Blanc de Noir – the fancy stuff!

Kitchen Team

This international team is so gangsta! But you have to be tough to work in our kitchen & butchery – we carve and serve meat everyday – this is no place for the squeamish! Don’t let them fool you though, they’re as friendly as they are talented and they are a creative bunch.

Management Team

Who says work can’t be fun? Their amazing work ethic and happiness shines through to all the staff who work for them.


With all that blonde hair and big personality Alex is our Californian Chardonnay, bright and sunny!


If you’re ever treated to Nick’s secret vocal talent prepared to be wowed! Nick is the Songbird Sauvignon Blanc – bright and zesty and calls the Pacific Ocean home.


Sometime you just look at lovely Emma and smile, it’s how we look at prosecco! Bubbly and fun and always the life of the party.


Our self described petite Goth needs a dark nighttime wine that will stain your teeth, she’s an inky black malbec from Cahors.


If he could Mike would be at the race track every Saturday – he loves the ponies specifically the races for the Triple Crown. We dedicate Kentucky Bourbon to Mike in the form of the finest mint julep.


He’s a globetrotter and has spent so much time in Asia we have to crown him a sake rice wine – trendy and only of the highest caliber.


Jon’s Chilean background makes him a perfect Carmenere – big, dark, velvety and smooth! He’s a talented DJ too and just like wine can get everybody up on the dance floor!


He brings an effortless charm to our team and can only be described as a Chablis – elegant and strong but oh so classy.


She’s tall, she’s stylish and she’s a sweetheart. Retsina is a lovely elegant white wine from Greece – perfect for a Greek princess.


Also known as “Shoes” this funny guy is a shiraz – an all around crowd pleaser and can be too hot to handle!


A proper wine aficionado Rohit is an Italian Barolo – he can seem reserved but once you open him up he’s a wealth of knowledge. Like a good Barolo Rohit is powerful but elegant.


he’s our talented bartender and he can seem quiet but he’s the strong back bone that keeps the bar running and the drinks coming! He’s a work horse so we call him a Cabernet Sauvignon – hardworking and approachable!


You know how they say that the best things in life just get better with age? Enter Jamie Malone – a true character at CUT. He has evolved from a wine drinker to a whiskey drinker – he’s a classic single malt (even if he is Irish!)