Group Menu – II


Choice of…

Caesar Salad ~ Grilled

bacon two ways, poached tomato, aerated bread, broken egg & elephant garlic aioli

Pork Belly

braised 48 hours, caramelized onion bread pudding, acadian maple, fried apple

Tuna Carpaccio

yellowfin tuna, ponzu & cilantro broth


Choice of…

New York Striploin

45 day dry aged 10oz USDA striploin


8oz local AAA

Fresh Fish

delivered daily to our market, ask your server for today’s preparation

Brome Lake Duck Breast

brown sugar cured, pomegranate – vanilla syrup


RARE – Nicely seared on the outside, red, cool on the inside. Loose to the touch.
MEDIUM RARE – Red, warm center. Has a springy firmness to the touch.
MEDIUM – Hot, pink center. More firm to the touch than medium rare.
MEDIUM WELL – Cooked throughout. Firm to the touch. A slight hint of pink at the center.
WELL DONE – No pink left at center. Very firm to the touch.
All our steaks are prepared with house steak seasoning and finished under a 1500 degree broiler.


Client to select four sides from the items listed below…

frites/fingerlings/lobster risotto/
du puy lentils/green beans/beets/
mushrooms/arugula & yams


Choice of…

Chocolate Tartlet

dark chocolate ganache. white chocolate bomb. meringue kisses. raspberry purée

Looks Like A Lemon

molten yuzu, jaconde, blueberries & cream cheese ice cream

$85 per guest, plus applicable taxes and gratuity
(HST 15% Gratuity 18%)

menu subject to change